Alexandra Zarowny Part Two

Alex Z

Welcome to Part Two of our discussion with Alexandra Zarowny. This half of our interview goes, what all the top writers in the industry like to call, “off the rails”… and it does so quickly.

It starts off innocently enough – well, sort of innocently. Alex talks candidly about what it was like to work with Russell Crowe on “Republic Of Doyle”. Regular listeners of the podcast will know that the words “Republic Of Doyle” are trigger words for Mark, who proceeds to rail on about his nemesis, heartbreak, and bitterness.

The gang does manage to get a grip on things eventually, and, once again, Alex gets back to being her informative and entertaining self – just in time for the speed round!!

So please enjoy Part Two with “Lost Girl” and “Murdoch Mysteries” writer, Alex Zarowny!

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