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As every fan of stand-up comedy knows, Uganda and hilarious comedians go hand in hand, our guest this week is no exception to that golden rule, it’s damn funny comedian, Arthur Simeon.

Arthur is the real deal. He headlines across the country, he’s been to all the major festivals, and he’s a hugely popular regular on CBC’s, ‘The Debaters’.

Arthur Simeon Tie

This episode veers all over the place – we cover so many different topics it’s ridiculous, some even involve writing, which is a lucky coincidence because this is a writing podcast, after all. Among the many topics, we talk soccer, African hockey, Arthur’s road to Canada, professional wrestling, dating in Uganda, and how he passed up his economics degree to become a comedian. We also get to find out who his influences in stand-up were and how much he studied them. And as for writing, we find out how Arthur learned to write comedy and his writing on the pilot for a potential new show.

And if that’s not enough, if you’re thinking about going to Africa to watch comedy, Arthur talks about how comedy is developing on the continent and what it was like to do comedy back home for the first time.

Folks, this episode goes beyond interesting. Arthur is a super great guy and beyond funny, do yourself a favour and listen to this episode, maybe even listen to it three or four times.

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Arthur Simeon

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