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This week we welcome into the Mark Bennett Recording Studios and Dining Room Table, a comedian, writer, serial dater, social media darling Christina “Walkinsauce” Walkinshaw!

Originally from Vancouver, but now making her home in Toronto, there were stops in Ottawa and LA in between, Christina sort of almost accidentally burst on the Canadian comedy scene a few years ago after being fired from a gig in Niagara Falls. She wrote a blog about how she had been fired after audience heckles crossed the line into sexual harassment…that blog went viral and Christina’s career hasn’t looked back.

Christina talks briefly about that infamous night, she also talks about starting comedy in Ottawa, but we focus more heavily on her time in the journalism program at Carleton University, and her incredibly popular blog My Week On Tinder. For those who don’t know what that blog is, it’s a running diary about her dates with people she meets on tinder…If Darryl were to write a blog about his own time on tinder, it would likely be a one paragraph story entitled “From Self Esteem To No Self Esteem In One Simple Swipe!”

Her tinder blog is so popular that it’s now being turned into a TV show…no word on who will play us in the Am I Write interview scene, but it will probably take Hollywood a while to find somebody hairy enough to play Pete.

Christina, a nominee for Best Female Stand-Up at the Canadian Comedy Awards…because she’s hilarious, still tours heavily, so keep an eye out for her when she comes through town. Check her website for tour dates, and swipe left when you see her on Tinder. And when you do go see her live, don’t heckle you jerk, just sit back and enjoy a very funny comedian, the way gawd intended!

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Check out her Tinder date Blog Here!!

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