Craig Davidson aka Nick Cutter

On this episode we welcome the prolific and very talented author Craig Davidson. Just a few of the books he’s already published, include the critically acclaimed “Rust and Bone”, “The Fighter”, and “Cataract City”.

We also welcome terrifying horror writer Nick Cutter. No, we’re not watering down the episode by having two guests – it’s the same guy! You’ll find out why he chooses to go by two names and also what it was like to be heralded by his hero Stephen King as writing a book that, quote, “scared the hell out of me.”

If that’s not enough, we also discuss how this Scotiabank Giller Prize nominee had one of his books turned into a feature film that almost won the Palme D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival… seriously, it’s hard to believe he’s accomplished all that and he’s not even 40 yet (You’ll understand why we bring that up when you listen).

As most authors do, he tells us about why he chose to do steroids and the best way to fight Margaret Atwood… those are totally unrelated stories. But more importantly, he tells us how he got started and how he goes about writing each book – we figured we might as well talk about something educational.

So please enjoy this episode, and while you’re at it, go buy the brand new Craig Davidson aka Nick Cutter book, “The Deep”, which comes out the same day as this podcast. In case you’re wondering, Wes Craven read an advanced copy and said of The Deep “utterly terrifying”.  How ’bout that, Stephen King and Wes Craven now sleep with night lights because of Nick Cutter. Frankly, we should have recorded this around a campfire while he held a flashlight under his chin.

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P.S. Don’t forget to read Craig’s crazy story of transformation as he hit the gym with some added help

From Mr Average … to superman: Craig Davidson’s account of using steroids | Life and style | The Observer.



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