David Benjamin Tomlinson


David Benjamin Tomlinson is a well known Toronto sketch and improv performer, but what he might not be as well known for YET, is his incredible comedic writing. He’s our guest this week and you are welcome! David is a very funny man and a gifted performer. He basically carried Pete through their early improv classes. He’s written his own play called Gash that was a big hit at the Summerworks Performance Festival. He’s written sketches as one half of the highly acclaimed duo Glyph. He also helped write Matt Watt’s fantastic radio drama Canada. Today he’ll talk about how close he came to getting some tv shows on the air, and he would have, if it weren’t for bad luck and you meddling kids!

Regular listeners… and quite frankly, you all should be regular listeners… will know that he also has written a web series with the aforementioned friend of the podcast, Matt Watts. That series is called, The Writers Block, where three writers have to create a series based on a ludicrous pitch one of them gave while drunk. There’s a link below, go watch the series, right after you listen to this episode, and any other episodes you haven’t listened to yet, seriously, listen to those, you’re trying our patience over here! 

David really wears his heart on his sleeve and the result is very honest and highly entertaining podcast. Do yourself a favour and have a listen to Mr. David Benjamin Tomlinson.


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