Evan Carter

Evan Carter

Even though we’re on our annual summer hiatus, we never stop working over at the Am I Write office tower. So, here’s a special summer bonus episode with one of our absolute favourite comedians, Mr. Evan Carter!

Evan has been a part of the Canadian comedy scene for almost 200 years (his words). In truth, Evan was doing comedy before standup comedy was really even a thing in Canada. He is one of the true pioneers of the industry and has insane stories about his small band of funny-men working their craft in strip clubs and music venues.  And that’s not even the amazing part – what’s amazing is he is still one of the nicest, classiest gentleman in the game – simply unheard of in this industry!!

In addition to being a much sought after performer, he also teaches a comedy course at Second City in Toronto. We spend a lot of time talking about his course and his students. We also talk about what it was like starting out in comedy back in the day and what it was like touring around for a black comic in rural Canada.

Evan Carter is so down to earth and so interesting – we just know you’re going to love listening to him.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re gonna get back to lounging by the pool with our daiquiris and fighting over who gets to put the sunscreen on West African Sara, while at the same time, fighting against putting sun screen on Pete.

Please enjoy the great Evan Carter and enjoy the remaining days of your summer!

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  1. Really enjoyed Evan Carter’s interview. His knowledge of Comedy is exceptional. Good questions and interesting answers.

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