Gavin Crawford

Gavin Craford

The description of this episode should be just two words: GAVIN CRAWFORD!

Gavin, who got his start as a cast member at the famed Second City in Toronto, has twice starred in his very own television series. First was The Gavin Crawford Show, and the second was Gavin Crawford’s Wild Wild West. You’ll find them in links below – watch them, they are absolutely hilarious. In between those shows, he just happened to be one of the stars and writers of This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Those three shows really proved what many of us who watched him come up in the Toronto comedy scene already knew, that he’s probably the best comedic character actor this country has ever produced. He shouldn’t just be a household name in Canada, he should be a household name everywhere.

In addition to being a sought after actor-extraordinaire, he has also hosted the Canadian version of How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? And, of course the reason he’s on our podcast, he’s a Gemini Award winning writer. Those ridiculously funny characters that he plays, oh yeah, he’s also the person who writes them. In this episode, we talk about his shows and where he draws his characters from. We also get in to what it was like to write on 22 Minutes and the frustrations of making television in Canada.

So, sit back and enjoy the talent that is Mr. Gavin Crawford!!

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ANDDDD…. Check out Gavin’s Awesome YouTube Page to watch his Wild West Pilot and his viral “Snape” video!!



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