Graham Clark


He’s a stand-up comedian, he’s an incredibly popular podcaster, he’s just had a TV show idea of his optioned, and he’s in the midst of putting together his second one man show which he’s bringing to the Edinburgh Festival this summer…so much for the idea that vegetarians are too weak to do anything. This week’s guest is the hilarious, and incredibly busy, Graham Clark!

One quick check of his bio and you’ll easily see that Graham is considerably more successful than any of us. On top of everything we’ve already mentioned, he’s a regular at all the Canadian comedy fests, he appears often on CBC’s The Debaters, and has managed to grow one of the best beards in the business.

So listen up as Graham talks about phone books, the trials and tribulations of developing a one man show, his own slightly (soooo much) better podcast, and how he’s now influenced Mark to become a vegetarian…seriously, there’s nothing this guy can’t do!

We hope you enjoy! Oh, and just one more thing, please have the decency to listen to our episode before you go searching for Graham’s podcast, thanks, you’re a sweetheart!

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