Laurie Elliott

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She’s a stand-up comedian, she’s a writer, she’s an actress, she’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet… this week we have the incredible Laurie Elliott!

In addition to being an award winning comedian (she actually beat Darryl out for the Tim Sim’s Encouragement Award, after years of therapy he can just now talk to Laurie again), she has written on so many television shows it’s ridiculous¬†–¬†including The Jon Dore Television Show, Video On Trial, Almost Heroes, Scaredy Squirrel, Total Drama… and on and on and on. And if that wasn’t enough, she has also acted, performed on, or provided voices for many of those same shows. She’s so talented it’s easy to see why any group of judges would pick her for an award over old talentless Darryl.

So please enjoy our conversation with Laurie and see for yourself why she’s one of the most beloved people in the entertainment industry!

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