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For those of you who like to keep up on all of the Canadian entertainment news, CBC announced this week that they’re bringing back their critically acclaimed show Michael: Tuesdays And Thursdays. Why do we mention that? Well, ¬†because this week we have one of the creators, writers, and star of that very show, Mr. Matt Watts!

Matt started in entertainment at a very early age, he was a stand-up comedian and sketch performer in his teenage years. From there, he got his start in television writing for sketch shows The Bobroom and Comedy Inc. He also managed to snag a starring roll in the classic Canadian program The Newsroom. The guy has had an incredible career and he’s still so young.

During this episode we discuss his start in stand-up and also his time performing sketch comedy in Toronto, with you guessed it, our own Producer Pete. We also delve into writing on the previously mentioned sketch television programs. We talk about his time on The Newsroom and Michael. We also discuss what his goals for the future are. Frankly, if this had been a job interview, we would’ve hired him… or told him that he was overqualified – most likely the latter.

This was a fun episode to do, and we’re really happy for Matt that Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays is coming back to TV!! ¬†It’s a great show, it’s a hilarious show, so watch it! But first, sit back and enjoy our conversation with the multitalented Matt Watts!

Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays

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Matt Watts

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