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If you search famous people from Chatham-Kent Ontario on Wikipedia, just a few spots below a guy named Geoffrey O’Hara (famous for a song called K-K-K Katy, which we assume is about two carefree and extremely racist teenagers falling in love), you’ll find this week’s guest, the lovable, and incredibly not racist, Ron Sparks!

Ron’s resume is as absolutely incredible as his stand-up and sketch comedy work. A winner of the prestigious Tim Sims Award, he’s also won 11 Canadian Comedy Awards in various categories, and on top of that, was nominated for 17 more! In total, that’s exactly 28 more nominations than Mark, Pete and Darryl combined…we really need to do more with our lives.

If that wasn’t enough, his list of screenwriting credits should be nominated for it’s own award. His handy work can be found in shows like This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Little Mosque On The Prairie, Spun Out, Satisfaction, Meet The Family, Crash Canyon, Flickers, The Debaters, Video On Trial and many more.

This episode was so much fun to record. Ron is a long time friend of ours and one of the most naturally funny people that you will ever meet. And on a personal note, while lesser people would have cancelled, Ron did this episode on almost no sleep, get well soon Ron’s dad, and thanks for helping produce one of the absolute best. It’s our pleasure to present to you, Mr. Ron Sparks!

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