Sean Jara


Sean Jara is our very special guest on this episode. Sean, in spite of being a long time friend of our own Producer Pete, is incredibly accomplished. In addition to working on live action shows, he’s carved out a niche as one of the biggest names in the animation writing game. Much like his wife, and Am I Write favourite, Alex Zarowny, Sean did his learnin’ at the Canadian Film Centre and went on to write on Degrassi.

From there he moved on to such shows as The Latest Buzz, The League Of Super Evil, Sidekick, Johnny Test… and the list goes on and on – it goes on so long that you could actually confuse it for one of Pete’s questions.

Amongst the many topics, Sean tells us about what it’s like to work on multiple shows at the same time and what it’s like to be in a marriage that consists of two television writers.

Also, as an added bonus, Mark punctuates the episode with some rapping…yes, rap music rapping. Enjoy!

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